15 Amazing eCommerce Trends To Look Out For In 2021

eCommerce Trend 1: Unconventional Domain Names

Gone are the days when you ended up registering your business website only on dot com or dot biz or dot info. The trend to use definitive and meaningful new domain extensions has been in the works for quite a while now.

eCommerce Trend 2: Omni-Channel Selling

Most big eCommerce brands are modifying their overall business strategy on the basis of their target audience’s purchasing habits. And there’s been a major shift in the eCommerce space when it comes to purchasing online; people aren’t purchasing from a single platform. Most brands are targeting Gen Z that happens to purchase from a host of platforms and channels.

eCommerce Trend 3: Dropshipping

eCommerce trends suggest that the business concept of dropshipping will pick up pace this year. For eCommerce businesses that don’t have too much capital to begin with, dropshipping makes for a fairly profitable and sustainable business model. Dropshipping typically involves being the middleman or intermediary between the manufacturer and the customer.

  • Only when a customer places an order will you buy the product from the manufacturer
  • Since you are not responsible for logistics, you don’t have to invest in holding the inventory or on storage and distribution
  • There are hardly any overhead costs associated with this business model

eCommerce Trend 4: Personalization Across Channels

Omnichannel selling will surely make a significant impact on the growth of your eCommerce business. However, selling on multiple platforms and channels won’t cut the mustard. You need to personalize the selling experience for your shoppers.

eCommerce Trend 5: Custom Packaging

A major trend that will pick up the pace in 2021 is that of custom packaging. In fact, packaging plays a significant role in brand-building too. A major chunk of online shoppers says that creative and custom packaging gets them excited about the product and that they perceived the brand as a luxury or upscale brand. Several third-party packaging services can help you augment your packaging game and lure customers into buying from you.



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