7 Steps To Start Selling Your Products On Online Marketplaces

Why Are Online Marketplaces Such A Good Idea?

Online’s share of total business is about 16.4% of which two-thirds come from eCommerce. Online marketplaces are taking the lead in this growth. Amazon has become a household name around the globe and Alibaba has the same status in China. Even others like Flipkart and Lazada need no introduction.

7 Steps To Selling Your Products On Online Marketplaces

1. Choose The Right Platform

Online marketplaces come in many shapes and sizes, and choosing one for your business may be difficult. What’s important is that you link the decision to your business needs.

2. Use High-Quality Product Pictures

Product pictures play a big role in a customer’s purchase decision. High-quality pictures double up as visual branding cues that eCommerce businesses can use for social media posts and other marketing purposes.

3. Write SEO-Friendly Product Descriptions

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