Businesses use .FUN domains for a fun brand positioning

It’s been a year since .FUN domains were launched for registrations by the world at large and what a fun year it has been for this domain!

In just a year, 100k+ businesses from across industries such as gaming, media, entertainment, travel, technology and more have made .FUN domain their identity on the Internet.

Even blockchain startups (such as and as well as contextual domain-redirects (such as Amazon’s and have taken to .FUN domains for brand building and positioning., a fun video game by Radix

It’s interesting to note that .FUN is one of the few new domain extensions that evoke a primary human emotion and therefore has a broad appeal. The keyword ‘fun’ is also easily understood even in non-English speaking geographies, giving it an edge in the global market for all things light-hearted and leisurely.

Who’s having .FUN?

Brands across geographies and industries have adopted .FUN to establish their brand positioning. From apps to comedians, corporate events to luxury travel; a wide array of business sectors are using .FUN in exciting and fun ways. Here are a few of the many websites that are rocking it out with .FUN:

1. is based in Sunnyvale, California, and helps its corporate clients build a friendly and fun working environment. It also offers to conceptualise and execute corporate events, parties, team building activities, etc. Some of its clients include Adobe, BuzzFeed, Amazon, etc.

2. is a voice-chat app by Singapore based Bigo Entertainment. Through this app, users can create free voice chat rooms and join other groups that match their interest.

3. is a luxury yacht rental service in Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands.

4. is the official website of Finnish standup comedian, Ismo Leikola, who made his US debut in 2014 at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood where he won the title of The Funniest Person in the World.

5. is an an experiential travel company that arranges island tours and pub crawls for tourists in Madeira, an archipelago comprising 4 islands off the northwest coast of Africa.

6. is the design portfolio of New York based Ani Liu, an alumnus of Harvard University Graduate School of Design and Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab with significant social media clout.

7. is owned by in-flight Internet subscription service, Gogo Air, redirects to this Chicago based service’s ‘buy before you fly’ page meant for individual passengers.

8. is an American edu-tech startup that promises to create unique and engaging learning experiences for children through Virtual Reality.

9. is an Armenian business that offers travel packages and boutique experiences handpicked for couples, families, kids, etc.

10. is.. Well this is a fun plug-in from Radix and 1&1. When 1&1’s Volleyball team went to the court recently, we got together with them to create a website for the team which is called Jumping Pandas.

The Internet domains industry is having .FUN too! Domain registrar 1&1’s Volleyball team, Jumping Pandas, is on a .FUN website powered by Radix.

So, are you having .FUN yet?



Namify is a brand builder for passionate people in a hurry to get their ideas floating on the Internet.

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Namify is a brand builder for passionate people in a hurry to get their ideas floating on the Internet.