Finding the perfect domain name for you
4 min readMay 29, 2017


Are you looking to buy a new website or domain name for yourself or your business? If yes, here’s a list of new domain extensions that you must consider! Depending on who you are and what positioning you wish to build for yourself, pick the most perfect domain name from the host on new domain extensions available to you!


.SPACE is a domain extension that gives you an exclusive space in the cluttered world wide web to express your creativity. Be it your dance studio or your home decor business, your personal blog, a website that showcases your DIY ideas or even something about the outer space, .SPACE is for you! Invest in a .SPACE domain if you are a designer, blogger, decorator, writer / poet, painter, dancer, composer, event manager, stylist, teacher, freelancer, filmmaker, cartoonist / illustrator, stage performer, curator, coworking-space, or a business focused on outer-space.


You can use a .HOST domain name to specify your industry while you get creative with your business name, such as as, and .HOST is perfect for you if you are a web host, an Internet Service Provider (ISP), an Application Service Provider (ASP), and Independent Software Vendor (ISV), a Cloud Service Provider, a data center or provider of other hosting-related services.


.TECH is an exclusive domain extension for those in the technology space! .TECH is definitive, descriptive and establishes who you are with just your website address. .TECH is for you if you are a tech startup, tech company, technology focussed institute or university, programmer or coder, student of technology, tech blogger, tech news portal, person with tech in your DNA!


Did you know that the word ‘online’ is understood in over 24 languages? This makes .ONLINE a globally well-received, powerful domain name for all types of businesses that want to build a universal brand. .ONLINE is for you if you are launching a new business venture or product, opening an ecommerce store, making the first website of your brick-and-mortar store, building your impressive resume, creating your creative portfolio, initiating a website for a school, college or agency, dealing in web based services such as programmers, domain resellers, app developers, and more!


.STORE is the most sophisticated and intuitive domain extension for eCommerce businesses. .STORE transforms a website address into a descriptive, memorable and meaningful message about the business. .STORE is for you if you want to brand your Etsy, Facebook or Amazon store. .STORE will work well for you if you are selling luxury goods, travel accessories, clothes, food, lifestyle products, gadgets, beauty and makeup products; or anything else online. Simply put, whether you sell handknit scarves, organic food, furniture or cloud storage, .STORE is your place online.


.FUN is a web address for individuals or organisations who wish to entertain the target audience, or engage them in a fun way. A .FUN extension creates a brand image that is seen as young, vibrant and flexible — apt for an entertainer. .FUN is for you if you are a media company, a business in tourism, travel, events, gaming, content, entertainment, etc. .FUN is also suitable for bloggers in the humor space. Brands looking to show their lighter side can also use .FUN for a dedicated web address for all things fun.


This is a generic domain extension that stands out! .WEBSITE is for you if you are a self-employed professional, student, entrepreneur or a local business. If you are taking your existing business online or establishing a new business, you can choose .WEBSITE. It’s the most intuitive way to transcend from offline to online. .WEBSITE works for your personal website too. Showcase your portfolio or projects, CV or accolades with a domain name that is as memorable as YourName.Website. What’s more — it’s easiest to communicate in an elevator pitch too!


Unrestricted and one of the largest new domain extensions adopted by 600,000+ users worldwide, .SITE is well suited for a multitude of businesses and purposes. .SITE gives you a chance to get a domain with your name, business name or the field that you work for. .SITE is for you if you have a business in architecture, hospitality, real estate, research and more. .SITE is also suitable for individual professionals like doctors, web developer, architects, freelancers, artists, designers, etc. Not-for-profit firms, special interest groups or projects can also use .SITE. It’s short and spontaneous!


Share what you know with your own .PRESS website! .PRESS is a credible domain name for you if you are a journalist, blogger, news corporation, magazine portal, news website, press club or journalism association. Students of journalism can also make use of a .PRESS domain. Brands looking for a dedicated web address for their news releases, press kits and media clips would also find .PRESS to be most suitable for them.

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