Good News: Your yet-to-be-born baby’s name has an available domain name!

  • 48% of millennial parents considered their child’s early-life online presence important, compared to just 27% of Gen X respondents.
  • 94% of all survey respondents plan to educate their children about maintaining their online presence responsibly.
  • 20% of millennial parents have created a website for their children, suggesting that a website can be a helpful tool for parents to mentor kids about thoughtful management of their online identity.
  • 37% of parents believe personal websites will replace social media, so they created a website with this in mind.

Why are expecting parents so obsessed with their yet-to-be-born baby’s domain name?

Source: College Humor
  1. Give them a name they won’t be embarrassed about (Khaleesi? Really!?)
  2. Secure their domain name that they can be proud of! ( is available right now, BTW)



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