How To Become A Health Coach And Start A Solo Business

1. Become More Complete In Your Approach

Being a health coach implies being more rounded in your approach to well-being. It transcends the role played by a nutritionist or a fitness coach. Those guys are the specialists.

2. Include Mental Health Into The Picture As Well

The concept of health has changed in recent years. Conversations of mental health are gaining more traction than ever. Therefore, every health-related professional should acquaint themselves with it.

3. Get Certified

There are a lot of certifications you can undertake if you want to learn how to become a health coach. There are general health coach certifications, as well as specialized courses that one can take.

  • The American Council on Exercise (ACE Fitness) has a great course on being a health coach.
  • Strengthscape’s Certified Behavioral Consultants course will make you a psychologist but will help you develop an understanding of behaviors. This in turn can help develop confidence when you recommend a therapist to your clients.
  • The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) has a course on becoming a nutrition coach that can add to your arsenal of health coach-related topics.
  • Finally, Verywell Fit lists down some of the best health coach-related programs available in the market.

4. Apply Your Advice…. To Yourself

Do that and market yourself on social media, such as Instagram. Health is a lot more than what can be seen visually. However, to the layman, the first impressions are often the visual ones.

5. Do Things Differently Online

The fitness and health industry has been online for a while. In fact, the global lockdowns across 2020 only helped accelerate the process, but not start it.

  • Website Design & Content: Antranik’s portal is free of gimmicky transformation claims and false promises. The fitness expert has a simple website, with achievable goals. His plans focus on overall body wellness.
  • Contribute Free Content (That’s Actually Helpful): Don’t peddle half-baked content seeking answers. Instead, contribute to health communities on Reddit. Give legitimate advice. People who don’t have the resources will appreciate you and people who do have the means will look for your one on one services.

6. Keep Up With The Health Industry

If you want to learn how to become a health coach, you need to keep up with the industry. Especially the fads.

  • University Health News
  • Health Literature Exchange | WHO
  • Health Magazine
  • Psychology Today
  • Men’s Health & Women’s Health

7. Build Relationships With Vendors

Don’t just learn how to become a health coach. Learn how to become a successful one. In order to do that, you’ll have to not only be good at being a coach, but also a businessperson.

  • Organic food centers/ Farmer’s Markets
  • Gyms & Training Facilities
  • Wellness centers
  • Group activity and health workshop organizers
  • Coaches and trainers for certain sports



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Namify is a brand builder for passionate people in a hurry to get their ideas floating on the Internet.