How To Start A Brewery Business In Less Than 10 Steps

1. Study Brewing/ Educate Yourself

2. Look Into The Laws Of Starting A Brewery

3. Choose A Location For Your Brewery

4. Create A Brand Personality

  • A funny brand personality, for example, could reflect in you hosting open mics in your brewery.
  • A brand personality that emphasizes socializing, can have social nights, blind introductions, and activities.
  • Someone with an appreciation of knowledge could have quiz/ trivia nights, etc.

5. Get On Social Media

  • Have a Google My Business Page. This will get you on the Google search result page and people will be able to locate and contact your brewery easily.
  • Make a Website. A website is your personal playground to add images, recipes, menus, About Mes, and everything in between.
  • Create Facebook, Instagram & Twitter Accounts. Make sure you’re also active on them. Good social media content online can result in great customers offline.
  • Create a Yelp account for yourself. Ask customers to review both the good and the bad. Work on the negatives, double down on the positives (if you can).
  • Record all the activities in your brewery, patrons having a good time, and show it off! A brewery can be a very social place and more than the interiors, your potential customers will want to know if heading over to yours will lead to a good time.
  • Give updates to your audience about new brews and activities. Use newsletters, social media updates, text messages (if subscribed to) and make them a part of the family.

6. Offer Lip-Smacking Food

  • You can’t control the food quality
  • Your food may/ may not go with your brews as well
  • The stock may fluctuate based on the partner restaurant’s efficiency

7. Experiment With Your Brews and Crafts

  • Many breweries look into seasonal fruits to make their brews. Breweries, such as Doolally Taproom in India, make seasonal mango-flavored drinks.
  • A lot of good brews are inspired by festivities and the holidays. The most notable one is Oktoberfest. Identify the days you want to target and try to make special brews around them.

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Namify is a brand builder for passionate people in a hurry to get their ideas floating on the Internet.

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