How To Use Branded Links on Social Channels
4 min readSep 5, 2018


Do you know a marketing tactic that is not new but highly underused? It’s the use of branded links on your social channels.

Being an innovative and future-focused business, you are well-versed with the reach and significance of social media. It is one of the go-to marketing tactics to fulfil any business goal you might be pursuing — from spreading awareness to generating leads, or getting relevant backlinks for SEO.

However, as a business owner what you might not recognize is that every piece of communication that you put out there is a branding opportunity. From the copy of your Facebook post to the text on the image, everything is brandable; even the links that you share.

For example,

Short links are one of the most effective branding techniques as they help in increasing recall and overall credibility of the brand.

Why brand shortened links?

You might have seen emails, Facebook posts, tweets, etc including links such as, or some other cryptic short links. This is a missed branding opportunity. Users will neither resonate with these links, nor will they remember them. Moreover, because these short links are just a bunch of random characters, chances are people won’t even click them.

This is where branded links help. As per a study by Rebrandly, branded links make for a great CTA in your social media messages and can increase CTR by up to 39%.

The branded link in your post copy is the bridge between your social post and your landing page. If you can use your brand name in your link, you can expect better click-rates. This makes sense because the link creates continuity between the message and the actual content.

In the present scenario, branded links are still picking up pace in the social media marketing space, and branding in general. If you’re looking for the next best unique marketing tactic to increase your brand awareness, consider exploring this territory.

Here are 3 reasons why you MUST use branded links on your social channels:

1. Branded links increase brand name recognition

Unlike a generic short link, a branded link is your own. It leaves no doubt about who is sharing the content and the users tend to develop a positive affinity towards the brand and the content shared. Allike Store implements this beautifully in the content they share:

2. Branded links increase visibility of your content

When you use a Bitly link in your social posts, you share a service. However, when you use your own domain, you get to take the full responsibility. And this greatly helps in building a credible brand.

For instance, if someone wants to connect with you on Facebook, you can send them to For twitter, it can be This will not only make you look cool in front of your prospective employers/clients, it will also make sharing contact information with anyone super easy. You will never have to double-check your LinkedIn URL again and others are more likely to remember something as simple as

3. Branded links increase trust with your audience

A link coming from you that contains your brand name is almost as good as it being “signed” by you. This means you get less link fluttering and more link clicking. And this is where is gets a lot more exciting: you can create branded domain names around the content you create and share it across social media.

For example, most social media and content marketers choose 2–3 categories on which they write regularly. If you’re one of them, consider buying domain names that have keywords centered around your work. If you are a tech blogger, use a .tech domain, or you could go with slightly generic ones such as .online, .website, .site, etc.

The next time you share a link, use a branded domain and sit back while the click rates go through the roof. Consider having a domain name and then every time someone shares an article related to social media, you could use the branded domain such as or to promote your content.


Social media experts are recognizing the significance of using branded links and have made it a staple in their social posts. It’s time for you to make the most of them too.



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