Revealed! The Secrets To Writing An Effective Executive Summary

Why Write An Executive Summary?

While the reasons stated above make for a strong case as to why you must include an executive summary as part of your business plan or investment pitch deck, the primary reason is that the people who will give you time to hear you out are always busy.

5 Pro Tips To Write An Effective Executive Summary

1. Write It Last

The best way to write an effective executive summary is to write after completing your business plan.

2. Focus On The Start

Start your executive summary with a thought-provoking statistic or an intellectual quote that you can use as a hook to tie into the story you are building for why your tech business came into being.

3. Stick To The Positives

Your executive summary should primarily focus only on the positive elements of your business and the solutions it provides and the marketplace where it caters.

4. Keep It Short And Concise

The executive summary must be short and succinct. Summarize your plan in such a way that you are able to offer all vital information in one to two pages.

5. Structure It Well

A clearly defined structure will help your executive summary to stand on its own and offer information in a logical manner.

The 5 Paragraph Technique To Write An Effective Executive Summary

The formula to write an effective executive summary can be broke into five paragraphs.

Paragraph 1: Give An Overview of Your Tech Business

The first paragraph must get your reader to immediately take a liking or interest in your story.

Paragraph 2: Give Strategic Information

The second paragraph should include relevant information pertaining to your target market, the problem that your business is looking to solve.

Paragraph 3: Give Operational Highlights



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