The 7 habits of highly effective domain names

What is the strategic importance of domain names for your business?

i) Brand Positioning

ii) Marketing Touchpoints

iii) First Impression

What are the common mistakes entrepreneurs make when choosing a domain name?

1. Compromising on the desired name

2. Lack of innovation in choosing the domain name

What makes a domain name effective as a branding strategy?

1. Get a relevant domain extension


2. Make it keyword rich or industry relevant


3. Make it radio-test friendly

4. Keep it free of hyphens, numbers, acronyms

  • Clarity
  • Simplicity
  • Brevity
  • Meaning
  • Memorability

5. Keep your domain name short and memorable

6. Trademark your domain names

7. Familiarise yourself with domain security

  • Registering the domain name in your own name
  • Keeping domain management under your control
  • Restricting access to website management to selected team members
  • Giving priority to emails related to your domain
  • Being careful of phishing attempts



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