The global tech industry is moving to .TECH domains. What about you?

The global tech industry is one of the most dynamic ecosystems where new trends and innovations emerge frequently. In a highly competitive industry like this, one of the key facets every business must focus on is branding. Getting the brand out there in the right light will give it the exposure it needs to shine.

One of the ways to achieve this is to get a great domain name. A business’s web address is its online identity. It’s the one element you’ll emphasize on wherever you go — be it a business meeting, a tech conference or a networking event.

So, for a tech business to have a .tech domain name would be a smart approach. It is one of the ways to establish your industry in your name and to brand yourself right from the very first step. However, the benefits of .tech are not restricted to these. Here are some wonderful benefits that .tech domains offer:

  • They are short and meaningful
  • They immediately establish your niche
  • They stand out because they beat the usual
  • They are memorable
  • They are easily available and are cost-effective
  • They are innovative

In fact, keeping up with the spirit of innovation, here are a few startups that are doing exceptionally well on their .tech domains.

Tech knowledge is scattered all over the internet and GitAll.TECH is a platform that is centralizing this tech-knowledge on the internet. It acts as a single point destination for all developers, learners, and educators to share their tutorials and project-writeups.

Code It’s program is a 16-week immersive course with a focus on the Python Stack. This course is then followed by an internship and or a full-time job. Students learn through a mix of lectures, hands-on workshops, tests, projects, pair-programming, and a Capstone Project.

Bottega is a coding bootcamp designed to build a foundation for graduates to enter the workforce and begin their careers as full-stack software developers. They offer one of the most up to date computer science tracks in the world, because they work with some of the top employers. Bottega is Accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC/ AdvancED) as a Post-Secondary non-degree granting school.

Techtools is a Brazilian group of companies which covers innovation management, investment in innovation, a network ecosystem for startups and industries as well as tech solutions based on blockchain, artificial intelligence, gamification, augmented reality, and more. Interestingly, GE Healthcare has partnered with Techtools to offer venture management and consultancy solutions to their clients in Brazil.

Eventologist is a platform designed by Startup Sesame, one of the world’s largest network of tech events. Eventologist invites startups and the members of the tech community to rate some of the best tech events in the world. In exchange, they offer an exciting lucky draw that can win the participants free tickets to some of the most coveted tech events.

A publication of Intel® Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Alliance, Insight Tech is a platform where you can find articles and white papers on the impact of IoT on human life. It focuses on industrial, retail, healthcare, smart city, automotive, surveillance, and communications sectors. You can subscribe to their newsletter which is packed with the most insightful articles on the latest in IoT.

DevCodeCamp is an immersive coding bootcamp. This Software Development Bootcamp focuses on the powerful combination of C# and .Net. It starts with the fundamentals so you are able to go from beginner to a full-fledged software developer in 12 immersive weeks. The website boasts of some interesting success stories such as a barista turning into a developer and a drone pilot turning into a coder.

So, there you have it! If you are working on a new project or creating a new tech product, get a .tech domain for its website.

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