Top 6 Tech Trends You Should Be Tracking Right Now

1. Augmented Reality will change the way we interact with the world

Augmented reality (AR) is often associated with the gaming world, but with the advent of 5G technology, AR will start serving a more significant purpose on handheld devices in the coming years.

2. Artificial Intelligence is pushing science and technology to a new realm

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a tech marvel in its own right and it has been dominating tech trends for the last few years now.

3. IoT is making devices smarter

Tech trends indicate a meteoric rise in the growth of IoT. Internet of Things or IoT collects vital business data from interconnected devices that use the internet.

4. Blockchain will potentially revolutionize every industry

Although blockchain technology has always been associated with cryptocurrency and finance, it’s a promising tech that is primarily a vastly distributed ledger that records anything of value.



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