Many eCommerce businesses offer a wide range of services and products, but they don’t know how to find a niche and keep struggling to become the market leader.

Instead of targeting a large population, you can focus your idea on a small portion of it. Narrowing your scope could provide you the opportunity to be the best in your field.

Imagine starting an eCommerce business from scratch in the health and beauty industry and trying to compete with the whole market.

Amidst so many products, competitors, and customers, it will be like an uphill battle just to secure your own…

What Is A Solopreneur?

An entrepreneur runs a team, a solopreneur is a one-man army. This is, more or less, a simplified version of who a solopreneur is.

A solopreneur is a person who decides to move on from the 9 to 5 to start their independent income journey. They take advantage of the gig economy to find clients and work on a contract-by-contract basis.

We see solopreneurs in every industry. They include:

  • Creative freelancers, like writers, filmmakers, graphic designers
  • Dropshippers
  • eCommerce sellers
  • Independent consultants

What Are The Differences Between A Solopreneur And An Entrepreneur?

A. Entrepreneurs Often Look For Co-Founders

While new companies are also founded by a singular visionary, often entrepreneurs look for friends…

It has become common knowledge that a single source of income is no longer enough to thrive in today’s world.

Long-term financial health requires you to have alternative sources of income that you can use to build your wealth.

Financial independence will not only help you achieve your present goals but also give you a cushion for your future and take risks.

In this article, we look at how you can start your side business and 10 different ways to make money on the side.

How Can You Get Started With Your Side Business?

1. Manage Your Time Efficiently

This is all that more important when you’re looking for ways to make money on…

A critical element of running a successful online business relies on creating a lead generation strategy or process. It’s simple, no leads mean no business.

No matter how ground-breaking your product or service is, you won’t be able to thrive if you don’t have buyers. 61% of marketers say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge.

If you’ve been a bit confused about how to go about doing this, here’s a quick guide that explains small business lead generation.

Let’s start by defining a lead, and then we’ll move onto what is lead generation, and why your online business…

Small businesses don’t need to break the bank to improve customer experience.

Visiting Macy’s in New York during the Christmas season is magical. The joy and warmth of Christmas flow in abundance.

Decorations and music are a-plenty and the sales on gift-worthy items do help. Customers feel special — they want to visit again, be it Christmas or not.

In summary, customer experience is the perception your customers create after they interact with your business.

It can be positive or negative and the affluence of either leads to some form of word of mouth.

A small enterprise does not need…

Jimmy Daly is the co-founder and CEO of Superpath, a career resource for content marketers.

When it comes to maximizing sales for your online store or bumping up your profits, most eCommerce entrepreneurs and marketers often skip indulging in eCommerce upselling and cross-selling techniques.

Although an effective method to boost sales, eCommerce upselling and cross-selling are not given their due recognition.

In this article, we are going to talk about eCommerce upselling and cross-selling and the wonders it can do for your online store.

eCommerce Upselling: The Subtle Art of Increasing Sales

The best way to understand eCommerce upselling is by observing a real-life scenario.

You are shopping on an eCommerce website and you’re just about to checkout. …

The first thing you should ask yourself is why do you even want to start a fitness equipment store.

People usually argue that money comes before personal fulfillment and that is also the case for many entrepreneurs.

However, the true motivation for success only comes when you follow your passion and that is exactly where you need to begin. Ask yourself if you find joy in fitness and starting a fitness equipment store would be an area of interest for you.

Fitness is a huge industry, and it is getting even more popular with so many celebrities promoting fitness on…

Starting a wholesale business can be a lucrative business strategy.

By partnering with retail stores and distribution channels you can get access to new markets without investing in marketing, shipping, or storage.

Many entrepreneurs want to start a wholesale business but don’t know how to go about it. This article will help you start your own wholesale business with all the basic steps involved.

However, before diving into the process, it’s essential that you properly understand the crux of a wholesale business.

In a wholesale business, you simply buy goods directly from manufacturers or distributors in bulk and sell them…

It doesn’t matter how hard you are trying to market your product, if you are not marketing it to the right person, you wouldn’t see any results. This is why it’s vital that you know how to find your target audience.

For instance, if you deal in Yoga mats, clothes, and other accessories, and your target audience isn’t really into fitness or healthy living, it wouldn’t help.

Besides marketing to the wrong audience, another mistake that eCommerce businesses make is that they market to everyone, which is like shooting in the dark.

If you market to a hundred people, and…

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